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  • Qinhuangdao Yunshuo Glass Co., Ltd.
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    Ms. Jane gao
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    Original glass Lighting Glass Tempered glass Art Glass Float Glass White Glass Glass Deep processing of glass Other architectural glass
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Qinhuangdao Yunshuo Glass Co., Ltd.
Company introduction
  • Qinhuangdao Yunshuo glass Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the original piece of glass and glass deep processing production wholesale enterprises, companies rely on the maturation of Qinhuangdao glass industry gathering and convenient port trade advantage, the establishment of a set of scientific, efficient management system. Adhering to the "quality first, reputation first" concept. To provide satisfactory products for customers to first-class quality. We not only with the glass manufacturers have a stable relationship between supply and marketing, with reasonable price, timely delivery, packing specification quality service has won wide acclaim and praise of friends at home and abroad. 
    The products of the company 
    Glass: float glass, ordinary glass, ultra white glass, ultra-thin glass, tea glass (film), Ford Lanbo (film), a glass (film), blue gray glass (film), the gem Lanbo (film), F (film) LOW-E green glass, glass, silver mirror, mirror. 
    Deep processing products: tempered glass, hollow glass, laminated glass, fireproof glass, bulletproof glass, coated glass, bending glass, Low-E glass, curtain wall glass, wired glass, hot melt glass, insulating glass, ice glass, self-cleaning glass. 
    Non conventional size: customized according to customer requirements, production specifications. 
    Qinhuangdao Yunshuo glass Co., Ltd. is your preferred partner!
Cooperative partner: 中国人保 中国工商局 中国律师协会 中国商务局 中国海关 外汇管理局 中国质检局 广交会
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