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Customer problems VS The advantage of us


content The whole process of processing the purchase or

1、Official guarantee
  • Low purchase Quality guarantee

  • Sample check before manufacture

  • Payment safety Goods safety

  • On time delivery Delivery

  • Goods repair make up the parts

2、Factory quotation: According to the order requirements of customers, we will invite 20 factories in china to make quotations and give customers the choice;guarantee the factory commission will be charged.

3、Order tracking:inspeat the factories for true or false ,then place an order to the factory which choosed by the customer,and track manufacture.

4、Product quality monitoring: arrange factory proofing (send samples),correct samples, and test pre-production quality.

5、Cargo transportation: arrange freight company loading and transportation supervision.

6、After-service: we will make up the parts , rework and repair,negotiate and deal with the after-service when the problem happen ,reach customer satisfaction.

Fee: Cooperative buyer/Free (In order to make the date for investment company,we only charge 2% commission from factories)

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Address:No.1707-1709,the 17th floor of Herrun square,2rd Danan road, Yuexiu districy,Guangzhou,China.

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