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      • Emergency procurement and manual quotes
      • Emergency procurement and manual quotes---one-to-one professional in charge of whole purchasing. Object: those who want to purchase in a very short time. Process: Contact ways of quotes: real-time processing quotes. Tel:020-66636628 / SKYPE: s82ec@...
      • Application Tools
      • In order to create value for users, 82EC developed following application tools:   Common buyer/Common supplier: Browser Issues[free  Details] Orders[free  Details] Favorites[free  Details] Subscription[free  Details] Inquiry Basket[free &...
      • Search suppliers
      • Search for supplier/product information Supplier/product information is released by the supplier. Only membership buyers can look over the product information. Ways: Product channel  Details Supplier channel Details Search  Details
      • Purchasing
      • The membership buyer can release purchasing information without fee. The information will be showed through purchase channel and through search. Look over purchase channel   Look over the Search Similar purchasing information is sorted by the name, content, update time and type of memb...
      • Ordinary buyers
      • As an ordinary buyer : you can have business negotiations with the suppliers freely on the platform. 82EC.COM will not participate in the trading between you and the suppliers. So we can not offer you the official support and high quality service. If a common buyer opened a shop, the buyer can: ...
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