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Client: Buyer

Service charge: 1.8% service charge for order amoun

Love guarantee service terms
Order Operation: Whole Purchasing Service!
A: Product quality inspection: arrange quality checker to factory to inspect the order commodities.
B: Order handling: check the delivery time, Expediting, shipment, inspection
C: International transportation: Inspection and loading, supervising transportation to avoid loss of goods
D: Will not be deceived: After uploading the order, the platform establishes a cooperation agreement with the supplier.
E: Dispute handling : order dispute and legal problems、lawyers prosecution

Service Process:

Instructions for use: The platform does not participate in the transaction, the contract transaction and the cargo condition (quality, size, requirements, etc.) are not covered;

If you need comprehensive coverage including the condition of the goods, please use "Cooperative Buyer" to enter

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Order Management

Guarantee Service: The final insurance for purchase order!

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