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      Customer Guarantee Fund

      Customer guarantee fund means customers pay 82EC suppliers customer guarantee fund proactively. Customer guarantee fund is 2800 yuan, the supplier also can need not pay deposit. After supplier members cancel account customer guarantee fund will be returned within one working day. Customer guarantee fund is an important indicator that reflect the suppliers' credibility, Let the customers more rest assured shopping, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of customers can be protected, when trade dispute and supplier problems arise the appropriate security funds paid to the customer, to minimize the loss of customers.

      Join the Customer Guarantee Fund what are the benefits?

      Join the Customer Guarantee Fund member, enjoy the following four advantages:

      1,Keyword search ranking under the same conditions

      2,Giving keyword  suppliers  promote and exposure one year

      3.Because added customers security funds, customers trust supplier more.

      4,The official supplier system of "Customers buy" priority admission will give priority to suppliers

      The conditions of joining the Customer Guarantee Fund

      suppliers meet all of the following conditions of  can join Customer Guarantee Fund:

      First. must apply for and become a co-supplier members.

      Second. Co-suppliers agree and sign a 《Buyer Protection Service Agreement》.

      Third.Co-suppliers pay deposit 2800 yuan;

      Application Process:

      1,Download and sign the "Customer Guarantee Fund Services Agreement."

      2,Pay 2800 yuan customers insurance premium to official account to freeze funds,

      3,Fill in the "Customer Guarantee Fund Services Agreement" and seal, and send remittance to .

      4,Customer service personnel check Remittance and protocols. and join the co-suppliers'  corresponding service.

      Note: Click here to download《Buyer Protection Service Agreement》




      Foreign users

      Western Union,  Details
      ID:44528 119 820304 0339
      Address:Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

      Bank of china,  Details
      Bank Name : Bank Of China,Haizhuzhong Road Sub-branch,Guangzhou
      A/C holder's name : WEIWEN HUANG
      A/C NO.: 4776109-0188-042159-4
      SWIFT Code : BKCHCNBJ400

      Contact information

      Customer security center service department:


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