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      • Release date:2011-09-21 | Check the number:2062time

      Cooperative supplier: A service that allocates purchase orders! The official will help you pull the order, you only need to focus on production.


      Advantages of cooperation:

      1. Prioritize product information in product industry catalogs and product search engines, and prioritize display of store information in store industry catalogs and store search engines;

      2. The purchaser purchases the enquiry through the procurement agent channel (enter), and the cooperative supplier obtains the purchaser inquiry service preferentially through the exclusive channel;

      3. The cooperative supplier has a dedicated back-end procurement agent channel, which can give priority to the quotation, order management, after-sales management and financial management functions of the inquiry;

      4, 12 times a year, on the 1st of every month, through all aspects of the win-win business buyer system and exhibition, wholesale market system to promote the cooperation of suppliers and products;

      5, the official guarantee of the supplier's payment and the safety of the goods, the loss will be fully compensated by the official, the official is responsible for the recovery of the goods.

      6, credit guarantee: If the customer is afraid of being liable in network procurement, worrying that the supplier does not exist, resulting in distrust, the supplier can ask the customer to contact us for business guarantee.



      Cooperation description:

      Time: no time limit

      Supplier's official website: Cooperative suppliers need to join the LOGO and links of the win-win business cooperation suppliers on their official website.


      Upgrade process:

      The first step : upgrade the cooperation supplier

      Registered supplier member Opens a normal supplier

      Step 2 : Enter the application process

      Enter upgrade partner supplier Select value-added service type

      Step 3 : Submit the order completion application

      Confirm the order information and submit the application.

      Step 4 : Official review information

      A win-win business worker checks whether the information submitted by the supplier complies with the rules of cooperation.

      Step 5 : Open cooperation service

      The administrator opens the service requested by the user within one working day.


      Do not understand the upgrade, contact the staff:

      Online QQ customer service: 1346018342/2338282961/2043538259/1438130574/3180096373

      WeChat: miniqi08

      Ali Wangwang: Win-win business 01 / win-win business 02 / win-win business 03

      Phone: 020-38671946

      Mobile: 13422295551


Cooperative partner: 中国人保 中国工商局 中国律师协会 中国商务局 中国海关 外汇管理局 中国质检局 广交会