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Common concepts of fabric

Release date:2014-07-22 | views:1 Collection

1. The warp, warp, warp density - Fabric length; the known to the warp yarns; its 1-inch root in the arrangement of the yarn number of warp density (warp yarn density);


2. The weft, weft, weft density - fabric width; the known to the weft yarn, which yarns are arranged within 1 inch root number of weft density (weft density);


3. Density - used to represent the unit length of yarn woven fabrics of the root number, usually 1 inch or 10 cm in the root of the yarn number of national standards require the use of 10 cm, said the root of the number density of the yarn, but Textile enterprises are still used to follow the 1 inch inside the root of the number of yarn to represent density. Often seen as "45X45/108X58" said weft yarn, respectively, 45, warp and weft density of 108, 58.


4. Width - the effective width of the fabric, the general practice of using inches or centimeters, said the common 36-inch, 44-inch 56-60-inch, etc., are called narrow, medium width and wide, higher than 60 Inches of fabric for extra width, generally known as wide cloth often, today's special wide fabric width of up to 360 cm. Width generally marked on the density of the back, such as: 3 mentioned in the fabric if the combined width is expressed as: "45X45/108X58/60" "the width is 60 inches.


5. Weight - weight fabrics generally square grams weight fabric, knitted fabric weight is an important technical indicators, woolen usually the weight as an important technical indicators. Weight denim fabric for general use "ounce (OZ)” to express, fabric weight per square yard a few ounces, such as 7 ounces, 12 ounces of denim;
6, yarn-dyed - Japan called "first dyed fabric" refers to the first yarn or filament after dyeing, and then use the yarn for weaving process method, this fabric is called "dyed" color production Fabric dyeing plant commonly known plants, such as denim, and most of the fabrics are yarn-dyed shirt;

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