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  • Guangdong Puning sailing simulate model factory
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Guangdong Puning sailing simulate model factory
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Production Process of Model

Release date:2014-07-22 | views:1 Collection

What work is involved and the various stages of manufacturing process, from concept to finished product. Below is only a small sample of the intense work that goes into the production of models.

Stage 1: Deciding the subject of the next mold
Using the 747 as an example, the first thing to establish is how many liveries can be applied to the aircraft, bearing in mind that the mold cost for this aircraft is in excess of US $80,000! Of course, the 747 will be a very popular subject; hence the next step is to approach Boeing for the license to manufacture their aircraft. Once licensing is agreed, and royalties are negotiated, we can move on to stage 2...

Stage 2: Deciding the color scheme for the next release
This stage of production takes place at least six months before scheduled release date. The choice of scheme depends on a number of factors, such as airline license, marketability and collectability. If an airline approaches us for a product, we do our best to ensure that limited numbers become available for the collector, for example with the Lufthansa releases. Once an airline has been decided, any airline licenses are obtained and royalties negotiated, we can then move on to stage 3...

Stage 3: Artwork
Communication with the factory in China opens with us sending information and reference pictures for the chosen subject. With regular visits to the factory, we are able to check up on progress, and make corrections and alterations where necessary; if needed, we can consult the airlines for their requirements. Artwork (see below) can take up to two/three months to achieve the required standard, with various emails and telephone calls back and forth to the factory before stage 4...

The artwork for this particular aircraft was put on various forums for the collector to scrutinize and to pass comments on anything that needed amending.

Stage 4: Manufacturing process
Once the artwork has been approved and signed off, the model can then go into production. Contrary to belief, these models are handmade. Each model passes through approximately 30-40 pairs of hands before the finished aircraft is boxed for dispatch.

The cast of the aircraft is produced and cleaned up by hand.
The wing and fuselage sections are then prepared for printing.
The prepared sections are then tamped printed for the correct color scheme. This process can take several repetitions, depending on the complexity of the final color scheme.
The printed parts are then assembled and quality control looks for any defects on the parts.
The final stage in the factory is for the product to go through a final quality control check, and then it is boxed in preparation for dispatch.

Stage 5: Distribution.
All orders are fulfilled from the distribution center in Hong Kong and shipped out all around the world to the relevant distributors, who in turn distribute to their authorized retailers.

Stage 6: Retail.
We would like to thank the retailer for their support of our product and you the collector for purchasing our product.


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