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Roblems encounteredin procurement?

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We found out at least 9 orders in 100 with problem since we started our business from 2017

we summarized as below

Foreign customers encounter the purchase problems. Suppliers may perform as below: Foreign customer being cheated experience. How to solve? Minicky Group platform 82ec. Com problem solution.
A、High price: foreign custoemr don’t know how to bargain or factory provide high price The salers quote a high price which including the huge commision Foreign customers must sign the purchase contract recognized by law,the price will keep the same by the protection of the law The price will maintain the same as before if sign through our platform,because the contract recogzised by law in China
B、Supplier cheat or not? Not exsit, business license and office are fake. American customer received a pile of bricks after he pay USD 700,000,00 to buy the mobile phone in shenzhenHuaqiao North Foreign customer may arrange specific person to audit the supplier and inventigate it exsit or not. We have around 10,000 all over the country to audit the factory and inventigate with AIC(Adminstration of Industry andCommerce)
C、Quality issue: product are different from sample. In order to save the cost, factory use the cheaper material and keep the sample price. Carlsberg purchase Mahjong gift, payment 2750,000 RMB, sample as below: product as below:Customer encounteredheavy losses When receiving the product, foreign customer must inspect them to see if the same with sample. Platpform will send QC inspection to check the product if same with sample
D、Quality inspection: No QC inspect the quality. Factory will pack the unqualified goods for you. Transportati supervision Foreign customer: Purchase the cups, supplier send the rusty store,and customer have to throw them. Foreign customer may send specific person the check the product when factory starting the line.In case adnormal happen. Platform send our QC to the facotry check the production line and feedback all information that the cusotmers need.If find any unqualified product,they will push them to rebuild
F、Transportation supervision Less QTY or product missing during the transportation. Need specific person to check the QTY if ok when uplode the goods. Platform send person the supervisize the upload work. Make sure correct product and QTY.
G、Dispute handling: encounter order legal issue.(Causing orde Factory will insiste that foreign cusotmer does not sign any contract with them,so there is no law to protect them. 1、Malaysia customer: unqualified pen pags still in the supplie side. 2、After receiving the payment, supplier don't sent goods to foreign customer. Foreign customer don’t how to handle because they don’t sign the such the contrat with law product in China. Platform will follow up to chase back the loss. Factory will sign purchase contract with effect of china law,if can't chase back the loss,platform own a huge team of cooperative professional laywers.
1、We have cooperactive law office.
2、Minicky Group has a lawyer platform.with more that 10,000 lawyer partners across the 600 cities of China.82ec.com love guaratees this without charge
Cooperative partner: 中国人保 中国工商局 中国律师协会 中国商务局 中国海关 外汇管理局 中国质检局 广交会