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problems are as below:

1.About Security: Foreign Customers tend to encounter fraudsters when they lack Chinese geography knowledge.

2.About Settling down, staying, living, business etc.

3.About Communication: hardly understand while visiting factories.

Duration: during your staying in China

We are to Serve below

  • set safe route with our staff

  • deal with your purchase issues in china.

  • get through all communication during your stay in china.

All costs of translators are borne by Minicky Group.

Get free service by introducing another customer.

I'd like to introduce foreign customers and get services free of charge.

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    Itinerary Management

    please submit your itinerary more than three days in advance so that we can help your itinerary

    Contact us

Contact information:86-20-83323710

Mobile or wechat:+86 15975590145

Whatapp:+86-13302393835 or +86 18902390569or +86-15975590145


Address:No.1707-1709,the 17th floor of Herrun square,2rd Danan road, Yuexiu districy,Guangzhou,China.

Cooperative partner: 中国人保 中国工商局 中国律师协会 中国商务局 中国海关 外汇管理局 中国质检局 广交会