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Guangdong Province Shantou City Laborers Clothing factory
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Common fabrics

Release date:2014-07-23 | views:1 Collection

1. Ordinary cotton
A shirt made by cotton wears comfortably, wrinkles easily and deform easily after washing.

2. Mercerized cotton
Mercerization is a treatment for cotton fabric and thread that gives fabric or yarns a lustrous appearance and strengthens them. The process is applied to cellulosic materials like cotton or hemp. Mercerization alters the chemical structure of the cotton. It increases lustre, strength, affinity to dye, resistance to mildew, but, on the other hand, increases its affinity to lint. So that a shirt made by mercerized cotton has silky luster, feel soft and breathable wares comfortably improving the fabric's appearance and fully reflects the temperament and taste of the wearer.

3. Double mercerized cotton
Double mercerized cotton process through mercerization in the beginning. After the first mercerization, quick weave the certain pattern with CAD and CAM. And then the second mercerization is applied to it. In this way, the fabric is better than once mercerized cotton and so as the price.

4. Cotton high count yarn
It is rarely used because of its high price. Each kilogram of 120 count yarn fabric is more than 170 Yuan. The price is increasing with the count.

5. Coolmax fiber fabric
With four grooves Coolmax fiber, can quickly exhaust produced by human activities of sweat to the garment surface evaporation, keep skin refreshing, comfortable activities. It is a good guide wet, knitted fabrics woven with cotton fiber has good moisture effect, widely used to sew T-shirts, sportswear, etc.


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