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How to identify the toxicity of plastic bags

Release date:2014-07-22 | views:1 Collection

Plastic bags are widely used in our daily life especially in food packaging. It is usually made of PE (in general, it is non-toxic) and PVC (in general, it is toxic). So that it is very important to identify the toxic plastic bags.

Here are three simple ways to classify them.
1) Touch: non-toxic plastic bags usually milky white or transparent and the surface is smooth; toxic plastic bags often have different colors (such as yellow, red and black) and the surface is rough.

2) Shake: strongly shake the plastic bag, if it sounds clear and melodious, it is a non-toxic bag, or else it is a toxic bag.

3) Burn: a nontoxic plastic bag is flammable; the dripping of products of plastic bag’s combustion is similar with candle’s combustion and the smelt is also similar with candle. A toxic plastic bag is uninflammable; even though it is lit, the fire can be extinguished easily; if it softens, you can pull effect of filamentous.

These are not accurate identification ways to distinguish nontoxic plastic bags from noxious plastic bags. Accurate identification should performed by professional testing organizations.

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