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    • The 23rd Shanxi Advertising Exhibition in Autumn of 2019
    • Start time:2019-08-24 End of time:2019-08-26 Region:Shanxi-Taiyuan
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      Exhibition Hall: Shanxi Exhibition Hall
      Organizing Unit: Zhengzhou Tiantian Convention and Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
      Official website:
      Essential information
      Shanxi Advertising Exhibition is a sister exhibition of the Central Plains Advertising Exhibition. It is jointly organized by Taiyuan Tiantian Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Tiantian Advertising Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Tiantian Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and Tiantian Advertising. It has successfully held 22 sessions since the first one in 2004.
      In 2009, Shanxi Advertising Exhibition was transferred to the new exhibition hall of Shanxi Provincial Exhibition Hall, which adapted to the growing scale of the exhibition and the needs of the majority of advertisers to better serve the advertisement industry customers in Shanxi and its surrounding provinces and cities.
      In the autumn of 2019, the 23rd Shanxi Advertising Exhibition was held in Shanxi Exhibition Hall from August 24 to 26, 2019. Professional audiences from Shanxi and its surrounding areas are welcome to visit and purchase.
      Shanxi Advertising Fair and Central Plains Advertising Fair jointly invite investment and publicize, so that the scale of the two exhibitions, the turnover of the exhibitions and the flow of visitors increase year by year, and the exhibition has received unanimous praise from the industry. The rapid development of Shanxi advertising exhibition has become a glorious page in the development process of Tiantian Company.
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