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    • 2019 17th China (Beijing) International Advertising Exhibition
    • Start time:2019-08-28 End of time:2019-08-30 Region:Beijing-Chaoyang
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      Exhibition venues: China International Exhibition Center (old pavilion)
      About 28,000 square meters. Three exhibitions in this pavilion during the same period
      Organizing Unit: Beijing Expo Union Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
      Organizing Unit: Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
      Official website: www.ad-expo.com
      Essential information
      Beijing International Advertising Exhibition (BIAE) is a professional event in the field of industry. It was founded by Beijing World Expo Federation Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. in 2003. Beijing Advertising Exhibition is held in Beijing once a year. So far, it has held 16 sessions. It has attracted more than 3000 enterprises from more than 30 countries and regions. The audiences and exhibitors invited by the Beijing Advertising Exhibition mainly come from China, Germany, France, Britain, the United States, Italy, Australia, Denmark, Spain, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Kuwait, Iraq, India, Pakistan, Iran, Vietnam and other countries and regions, including distributors, Agents, traders, producers, import and export companies, international trade companies and other buyers, as well as many related persons in the advertising industry.
      I. Digital Inkjet Printing Technology Equipment and Materials
      UV Flat Digital Inkjet Printing Equipment
      Media and Accessories of UV Flat Plate Machine
      Digital Solvent Spray Painting Equipment and Photographic Equipment
      Various Digital Inkjet Printing Consumables and Components
      II. Printers and Consumables
      Printer Series: Needle Printer, Laser Printer, etc.
      Printing consumables: ink cartridge, selenium drum, ribbon, carbon powder, ink, etc.
      3. Digital Signs
      Advertising machine, poster machine, 3-D naked eye display
      LCD display screen, touch integrated machine, electronic Kanban, LCD splicing, interactive touch control system
      Multimedia Information Publishing System, Management Software, Content Creation Service, Network Operating Service
      IV. 3D Printing Equipment, Materials, Systems, etc.
      Identification, label equipment and label
      6. Exhibition, POP and Commercial Facilities
      VII. New Media Technology and Equipment
      8. LED lighting
      Host Information
      Organizing and exhibiting organizations:
      China Business Advertising Association
      Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
      Beijing World Expo Union Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Cooperative partner: 中国人保 中国工商局 中国律师协会 中国商务局 中国海关 外汇管理局 中国质检局 广交会