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    • How to do when meet fraud
    • Date::2012-06-26 | Check the number:841Time

      As a buyer, how to do when meets fraud?

      1,Submit complaints

      If the buyer paid for but don't receive the goods and can not contact supplier or the goods received Seriously inconsistent with the description, supplier refused to change, please submit complaints as soon as possible.

      Complaints path:


      2,Keep voucher

      Please remember to keep your purchased goods data, remittance voucher, Letters and chats Contacted with the counterparty and identification results etc.


      If the opponent's behavior constituted fraud, and the amount has reached China's "Criminal Law" provides the starting point of 600 yuan(the other suspected criminal fraud),you can report to the local public security organ. Please bring the relevant documents in the transaction to local public security organ supervisor department to report. According to China's "Criminal Procedure Law" Article 84th provides--any unit or individual find facts of the crime or the suspect Has the right and obligation to report to the public security organs. The public security organ should accept report and complaint. For not fall under its jurisdiction shall be transferred to the competent organ, and notify the informant, complainants and informants".


      Please do not provide your relevant evidence to a stranger, prevent the criminal suspect to destroy evidence even though they said they help you report, and backup the relevant evidence.

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