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    • User Information Release Rules
    • Date::2014-05-30 | Check the number:475Time

      The information shall not be in violation of state laws and regulations, suspected to infringe others' legitimate rights and interests, or interfere with the 82EC in China operation order and related content.

      The rules of publishing information for 82EC international site users


      The first chapter: Outline

      The second chapter: Information release principle

      The third chapter: Information release rules

      The fourth chapter: Irregularities of product information and punishment

      The fifth chapter: Attachment rules

      The first chapter: Outline

      Article 1 In order to promote the open, transparent, responsible business civilization, safeguard 82EC international site users' legitimate rights and interests, create and maintain a harmonious business environment, so formulate the rules.

      Article 2 These rules are applicable to the users who use 82EC international site (the domain name:, hereinafter referred to as "82EC") any product or service (hereinafter referred to as "Service").

      Article 3 All users are equal in the applicable rules.

      The second chapter: Information release principle

      Article 4 Users of 82EC release information should follow the basic principles, such as legitimate, true, accurate, efficient, complete principle.

      And shall obey the rules when release information and bear joint and several liabilities of all.

      Article 5 Release information shall not in violation of state laws and regulations, suspected to infringe others' legitimate rights and interests, or interfere with the running of 82EC international site and related content.

      The third chapter: Information release rules

      Article 6 Release supply information rules

      (One) Supply information element and definition

      1. Industry categories: industry classification according to the product use, function, material and other characters.

      2. Title Information: under containing the product name premise, personalize and describe product appearance, function, characteristics and other aspects.

      3. The product properties: the product itself inherent attributes, such as: brand, model,  and finished product figure.

      4. Pictures: all kinds pictures about products, such as product picture, design picture, end-product drawing

      5. Description: detailed description of product features, use of the method and other characteristics.

      6. Transaction attributes: product prices, units, minimum order quantity, etc.

      7. Transportation and transaction information: shipping address, freight, transaction ways and other logistics aspects required information.

      8. Other information: the validity of the information.

      (Two) Release rules of supply information

      1. The industry category

        1) Choose category according to product, categories must be compatible with products in a title, description, and must be selected the secondary;

        2) Agent, cooperation, processing must belong to the corresponding subclass.

      2. The title of information

        1) The title must attach a clear and single product name. It is forbidden to appear product words pyramiding. It is forbidden that more than one brand or model in the same title; if their brands and types are different, they are different single product;

      May not have more than 5 product qualifiers  in the same title.

      And it is forbidden to separate modifier words by symbols or product words, otherwise judged the title product word pyramiding;

      The right format such as: Supply white touch screen high pixels SamSung i9300 mobile phone.

        2) It is strictly prohibited to appear telephone number, E-mail, name of the company and any contact information in the title;

        3) The product name in the title must be consistent with details and the name in pictures.

      3. Product properties

      Product property description must be compatible with the product, true and effective.

      Such as "brand" properties: "brand" fills in "Hua Li"; "Specifications" fill in "SK - 2368"

      4. Product pictures

      Pictures must be clear and complete, and product pictures must be consistent with the products introduced;

        2) The image information must be legal. it is forbidden to release the tort and pornography and other illegal pictures;

        3) The product picture shall be actual object pictures as far as possible, provide appropriately instructive pictures. Prohibit from uploading any certificate picture.

      5. Detailed instructions

       1) Detailed instructions allow releasing the product description in both Chinese and English; it is strictly prohibited to release the product description in pure English;

      Can use HTML format and attach product pictures in detailed instructions.

      6. Trading property

      Product prices, units, MOQ, inventory and other transaction attribute description must be true;

      Such as: "Packaging Machinery" price filled in "20,000 yuan / Tai"; "MOQ" filled in "1000" and so on.

      7. Transportation instructions and transaction modes

      Delivery address, mode of transport, transactions and other logistics information must be real and effective.

      8 Other information

      Set different validity according to their needs.

      Article 7 Procurement information release rules

      (One) procurement information elements and definition

      1. Product name: product name that purchased.

      2. Purchase quantity: the products needed to purchase.

      3. Purchase validity: the validity of the purchase, enquiries are invalid after the deadline.

      4. Photos: can upload any images associated with purchasing products, such as: the actual figure, processing drawings, text files, tables, screenshots etc.

      5. Detailed instructions describe such as product function, purpose, method of using and other features in detail.

      6. Contact information: contact person and contact way.

      7. The industry the product belongs to

      Industry classification of the products you want. You can choose the products based on their classification. Remind buyers, Avoid that product names do not match with industry seriously, such as "women's clothes" published in the "hardware and tools industry".

      8 Product attributes

      Must fill in the real and effective product attributes, such as specifications, model, product use, product attributes, brand, and processing way required.

      9. Other purchasing requirements: the purchasing is urgent or not.

      Article 8 The company introduction release rules

      (1)Company introduction elements and definition

      1. Company name: company name shall be registered in the industrial and commercial departments of the state; shall be in accordance with the enterprise business license registration of company name. Cannot be modified here, can only be amended by the administrator.

      2. Company profile: a detailed description of the company's business scope, scale of production, background, etc.

      3. Company images: images of the company's strength or the company's image.

      (Two)Each composition of company introduction rules

      1. The name of the company

        1) Company name release rules:

      Administrative division + identifier (trade name) + industry or business characteristics, organization form;

      Such as:  Guangzhou Haoshi Food Co., LTD.;

      Individual businesses' ranking rules

      If have a shop name, name rules as follows:

      Directly fill in the "type name", such as: Guangzhou Good Food Store;

      NoteZ: the operator's name, organization form, name of the font size must be consistent with the business license. Cannot be modified here, can only be amended by the administrator.

      3. Foreign companies in China Office name releaserules

      The company name must with country name

      Such as: the United States HONG FENG TRADING COMPANY in China office. It must be consistent with the business license.

        4) Rules of foreign company name: company's contact information (phone number/address) must be consistent with the company's registered address.

      2. Company profile

        1) Company profile can be described in Chinese, English and Chinese but not pure English.

        2) Description should be detailed, real, legal and effective, and has commercial value, and is aimed at the company's introduction, rather than product introduction;

        3) Can describe cultural background, the company size, the production and business operation ability, range, etc.

      3. Company images

        1) The pictures must be clear and complete, and must link to company;

        2) It is forbidden to upload picture that is completely unrelated with company and business license, etc.

        3) It is forbidden to upload infringement, pornography and other illegal images;

        4) Image size is within 2M.

      The fourth chapter: Irregularities of product information and punishment

      Article 9 Repeat information

      (a) Classification of repeat information

      According to varying degrees, it is divided into mild repeat information or serious repeat information.

      1. The definition of mild repeat information

      Mild repeat information is repetitive relatively low degree of information.

      If the same product: have similar title, property, detailed content, it will be regard as mild repeat information.

      2. The definition of serious repeat information.

      Serious repeat information means repeated seriously, the same information is repeatedly released.

      One product allows only one piece of information, if more than two (including 2), it is considered as serious information, and it will lead to 82EC related punishment.

      (2) Damage of repeat information

      Release repeat information will not bring any benefit to trade, but to bring the following disadvantages:

      1. For viewers, it will affect their browsing experience on product information, greatly reduces the viewers' chance to information feedback.

      2. For publishers, it will reduce their professionalism and credibility,

      Release repeat information gets corresponding punishment at the same time, waste the publisher time and energy.

      (3)Punishment of repeat information

      According to the degree of information repeated, 82EC gives publisher corresponding punishment,

      Punishment divides into the following four categories:

      1. If similar products with mild repeat information has been published online,

      If a customer searches similar products via a keyword, the result only show the highest matching degree supply information. Other mild repeat information will show on the publishers' shop homepage.

      2. If there is serious repeat information, 82EC will delete it;

      3. If there are many pieces of serious repeat information, 82EC will remove all of them. If the information quality is better and no repeat information after modified, they can be redistributed;

      4. If find the published information contains a lot of repetitive information many times, all the published information will be deleted, and 82EC will retain all or part of the user access rights.

      Article 10.Punishment of using malicious software external

      (1) The definition of external malicious software

      The third party company in addition to a win-win business and the associated company design and develop software; they would seriously interfere with the information dissemination and rank order of 82EC information platform.

      (2) Punishment of using malicious external software

      1. Once find use malicious users external software, 82EC will delete all of information that uses external software to release.

      2. Find that use malicious external software Many times, and without any improvement,

      82EC will delete all his information.

      Article 11 Illegal product title

      (1) Definition of illegal product title

      Mainly include but not limited to the following categories: the title without clear product names, titles with contact details, product names piles up, the title does not match the product name and description.

      (2) Punishment of illegal product title

      The title without clear product names, titles with contact details, product names piles up, the title does not match the product name and description. 82EC will let users change title within 3 days. If there is no correct modification, 82EC will block and shelf off the corresponding products.

      Article 12 Punishment of wrongly classified product

      (1)Definition of product classification error

      When users publish information, there is an error in the classification; Such as: clothing classified as "textile" category.

      (2)Punishment for product classification error

      Once there is product classification error, Win-win business will let users change title within 3 days. If do not change right, 82EC will block and shelf off the corresponding products.

      Article 13 Punishment of product attribute is not real

      (1) Definition of untrue product attributes

      When users publish information, there is an error in the product attributes. Such as: "brand" fill in "1234", the "specifications" fill in "ABCD"; the "origin" fill in "* *", etc.

      (2)Punishment of incorrect product attributes

       User release incorrect product attributes, 82EC will let users modify within 3 days. If do not change right, 82EC will block and shelf off products.

      Article 14 Punishment of false price

      (a)Definition of false price

      The price differs very far with the prices of similar products, ultra-low prices or high prices reach a search ranking or misleading sellers on purpose. Such as: the price of "packaging machinery" is 1 Yuan/Tai".

      (2) Punishment of false price

      User release false price, 82EC will let users modify within 3 days. If do not change right, 82EC will block and shelf off products.

      Article 15 The supply information violations punishment rules based on the above, the circumstances are serious, including but not limited to clause repeatedly violate the rules and no any improvement intention, cause serious misleading to buyers, Win-win business will retain punishment rights that delete information and account limit right.

      Section2 Violation of inquiry and its punishment

      Article 16 Violation of inquiry is divided into 3 categories: MLM fraud, contraband information, sellers advertising.

      Article 17: MLM fraud punishment: without any intent to purchase in inquiry, describes how to change the site's ranking and other fraudulent content. Win-win business will permanently close the account, delete all its violations of the inquiry.

      Article 18 Punishment of prohibited information: Inquiry involving prohibited content, such as: prohibiting the sale items, sex and violence, the sale of customer data, personal attacks and other content are not suitable to be posted on the site. 82EC will permanently close the account, delete all its inquiry  of the violations.

      Article 19 Sellers' Ad: Inquiry without a clear intent to purchase, and the contents is company or product introduction, or other content non-direct relationship with purchase.

      If the same user is reported less than 3 times, 82EC will punish inquiry of account 30-day limit rights. During the Restricted Users may not publish inquiry;

      And be reported more than three times but do not correct, 82EC will permanently close the account, delete all its inquiry of the violations .

      The fifth chapter: Attachment rules

      Article 20 These rules shall come into force since December 12, 2012.

      Article 21 82EC is responsible for the interpretation of these rules.


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