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    • How to prevent fake customer's arbitrage
    • Date::2012-07-24 | Check the number:587Time

      False customer to set the price?

      Customer enquiries on the Internet or telephone consultation , they sometimes set price deliberately, they may be supplier counterparts, may also have confirmed partner, just than the price. In online trade, customers usually use the following methods to set the price.

      1.When they find interested product information or company would directly fill in the "advisory" or send "enquiry" in the "inquiry ba

      Before the quotation, checking carefully the "inquiry basket" is particularly important.

      Check the company's information is complete, reliable or not, the information such as product specification, type and other information is detailed and professional. If the information is simple and vague it is suspicious inquiry, can reply or ignore.

      2.Inquiry immediately through the mail or information system, or send "inquiry document"avoid by all means to quote immediately at this moment.

      1) understand the basic information of the other party in detail, View his "membership information". Master customer's first-hand information quickly. If the information is incomplete, simple and suspicious, we must judge carefully. we can also spy on each other deeply through the mail or information system, or call directly, face-to-face contact.

      2)Ask for sending "company registration, business license and other scanning images.

      3.Call directly or fax to inquiry.

      Some who sets of prices will print inquiry format well first, then fill in your unit name,the name of the product in need, Send out the format everywhere and "extensive cultivation", so you are cheated. See such inquiry telephone or fax, please carefully!

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